2024 PopUp Gallery

June 21-23

This event is now closed.

Contact us for information on showing in 2025 or about artists/artwork shown in 2024.

Palouse Community Center
3 day feature:

Friday June 21
Gallery open 1-8pm
Spark an Artist Silent Auction begins at 1pm
Artist's Reception 6-8pm

Saturday June 22
Gallery open 11am - 8pm

Sunday June 23
Gallery open 12-3pm
Spark an Artist Silent Auction ends at 2:30pm

picture of Andy Peltier

Andy Peltier

My favored painting medium is acrylics. I find great inspiration from natural Palouse landscapes and incorporate them in my current pursuit of rendering Unlikelyhoods. It's right there on the canva...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Cori Dantini

Cori Dantini

Cori Dantini spends much of her time in her Pullman, Washington studio, covered in a mosaic of ink stains and glue dabs, bits of wordy paper clinging to her slippers. After earning a BFA in paintin...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Danny Mullendore

Danny Mullendore

Danny Mullendore is a woodworker who dabbles in the arts at night. He enjoys chip and relief wood carving in addition to recycling scrap wood into functional pieces. Danny is a scorpio, born in t...

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picture of James Nichols

James Nichols

Palouse Artist

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picture of Jojo Whitesell

Jojo Whitesell

I’m Jojo! My main mediums consist of Acrylic paints, Oil paints and digital art! I love drawing whatever comes to mind. It’s never a dull day in this brain, as you can see!

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Karen Bender Peltier

Karen Bender Peltier

Karen Bender Peltier is an artist who discovers the essence of a person or place and then draws what she has found. Knowing about her creative process is an essential to understanding her work and ...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Kasey Kampster

Kasey Kampster

Garfield Palouse Middle School art teacher My love language is art. When I want to let someone know how important they are to me, I always turn to my talent. I'm not a good gift giver, I'm not g...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Kasiah Sword

Kasiah Sword

As a classically trained Oil Painter since 2006, Kasiah Sword love painting light and experimenting with texture to capture the colors, mood, and feel of a place. Often described as "Whimsically F...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Kathleen Williams

Kathleen Williams

My artistic inspiration comes from the beauty all around us. My training in art is not formal. Upon my retirement, I became free to explore watercolors, monoprints, calligraphy, bead embroidery and...

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picture of Kelsey Harrington

Kelsey Harrington

Kelsey Harrington is a painter and ceramicist. Her work focuses on worldbuilding and storytelling by immersing viewers in playful atmospheres full of color, messy paintbrush strokes, and curious cr...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Liz Rousseau

Liz Rousseau

Liz Rousseau was born in Colfax, raised in Clarkston. Traveled through Europe at age 17. Lived in Bellingham, Barcelona, Portland, Moscow, Lisbon, Portland, Palouse. Color and composition nerd. In...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Lucy Mullendore

Lucy Mullendore

Lucy Mullendore is a very creative Artist. Her art style is super cool, because she uses black to outline some of her beautiful paintings. Lucy is a very good artist and I really like her art! One ...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Mary Welcome

Mary Welcome

Mary Welcome (Palouse, Washington) is a cultural worker collaborating with remote landscapes and rural communities. Her investigations into the American landscape are a chronicle from years on the ...

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picture of Russ Wheelhouse

Russ Wheelhouse

Russ is a retired antique dealer and appraiser who collects found objects like vintage magazines for paper cut collages, and natural things like antlers, sticks, stones, and the like, to create obj...

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picture of Shannon Plunkett

Shannon Plunkett

Art is freedom and expression.

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Sharon Oliverson White

Sharon Oliverson White

Palouse resident and artist.

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Tina Ochs

Tina Ochs

Eureka Farm, Dusty Washington: Farm Girl/Horse Rider/Tree Climber/4H/Eighth Grade Cheerleader/Writer Pre-College, Colfax High School: Junior Prom Queen/Action Painter/Poet/Existentialist/Downhill...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Tom Groesbeck

Tom Groesbeck

I have been drawing and woodcarving for many years as a hobby. I started taking drawing and painting classes in 2015 when hand surgery limited my carving ability. I participate in as many painting ...

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picture of Tyler Horton

Tyler Horton

Tyler Horton grew up in Idaho and developed a love of nature from an early age. He spent lots of time camping, hunting, and fishing with family and friends. He started using a camera when he was e...

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