2024 PopUp Gallery Artist Profile

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Tina Ochs

Eureka Farm, Dusty Washington: Farm Girl/Horse Rider/Tree Climber/4H/Eighth Grade Cheerleader/Writer

Pre-College, Colfax High School: Junior Prom Queen/Action Painter/Poet/Existentialist/Downhill Ski Racer

Undergraduate, UC Berkeley: Long Haired/Beatnik/Activist/Clay Sculptor/Folk Singer

Interim Period, Marriage/kids: First Daughter/Diaper Changing/Hippie/ Expat-Living-in Europe in VW bus/ TM Meditation/Pottery Maker/Mining Camp Living/Gourmet Cook/Farm Wife/Second daughter/First son

BFA, Fort Wright College: Clay Sculpture

Interim Period, Different Marriage: Karate/Iridology/Going Out Dancing/ Mother Ship Sightings/Grandmother

MFA, WSU: Clay Sculpture/TA/Part Time Faculty

Interim Period, Palouse: Painter/Clay Sculptor/ One Person Shows/Group Shows/Screenplay Writing/Party Throwing/Tibetan Buddhist/LA Rock Clubs

Interim Period, Different Marriage: Metal Music Recording Studio/Roady/Band Support/Last Marriage-Game Over, Three Strikes, I’m Out/Short Film Maker/More Screenplay Writing/Painting Maniac

Now, Palouse: Lyric Writing/Drum Playing/Family Band Member /Bread Making/Meadow Growing/Pink Haired/Grandmother/Great Grandmother/Painter/Novel Writing/Show Art Locally/ G Dragon, BigBang, BTS, I could go on here, K-Pop Fan Girl/ K-Drama watching/Reclusive/Everything is Art, Collecting Hoarder