2024 Main Street ArtWalk

June 1 - 30

Come Visit!

Maps are posted in windows along Main Street and available to take away from several kiosks. Printing ahead or want to view digitally on your promenade? Click below for a printable pdf.

See something you'd like to buy? Available art can be purchased through QR codes assigned to each piece, or through the artist's profile listing here on our website.

Digital & Printable Map

Map created by andy peltier

picture of Andy Peltier

Andy Peltier

My favored painting medium is acrylics. I find great inspiration from natural Palouse landscapes and incorporate them in my current pursuit of rendering Unlikelyhoods. It's right there on the canva...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Claire Echanove

Claire Echanove

I've been taking pictures on my EXAKTA 35MM for over a decade. Rolls of undeveloped film piled up. I'm slowly getting them developed and rediscovering forgotten time.

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Emily Akin

Emily Akin

Emily Akin was raised and resides on the Palouse. As a writer and photographer, she enjoys exploring the drama and memory of the landscapes of the Inland Northwest and surrounding areas, and the pe...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Jim Trivelpiece

Jim Trivelpiece

Palouse resident and artist.

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Jojo


I’m Jojo! My main mediums consist of Acrylic paints, Oil paints and digital art! I love drawing whatever comes to mind. It’s never a dull day in this brain, as you can see!

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Karra Teare

Karra Teare

Karra Teare is a lifelong artist who has always had a fascination with the influence creativity, art, and color have on our emotions. Now specializing as a Paint From Your Soul facilitator, she gui...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Kasiah Sword

Kasiah Sword

As a classically trained Oil Painter since 2006, Kasiah Sword love painting light and experimenting with texture to capture the colors, mood, and feel of a place. Often described as "Whimsically F...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Kelsey Harrington

Kelsey Harrington

Kelsey Harrington is a painter and ceramicist. Her work focuses on worldbuilding and storytelling by immersing viewers in playful atmospheres full of color, messy paintbrush strokes, and curious cr...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Liz Rousseau

Liz Rousseau

Liz Rousseau was born in Colfax, raised in Clarkston. Traveled through Europe at age 17. Lived in Bellingham, Barcelona, Portland, Moscow, Lisbon, Portland, Palouse. Color and composition nerd. In...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Olivia Pham

Olivia Pham

Missing out on possibilities of what I could have done keeps me up at night, that is why I become a mixed media artist. Artworks with multiple different materials inspire me immensely. My inspirat...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Russ Wheelhouse

Russ Wheelhouse

Russ is a retired antique dealer and appraiser who collects found objects like vintage magazines for paper cut collages, and natural things like antlers, sticks, stones, and the like, to create obj...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Shannon Plunkett

Shannon Plunkett

Art is freedom and expression.

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Sharon Nile-Thurston

Sharon Nile-Thurston

Mother, gardener, and artist.

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picture of Shishona Turner

Shishona Turner

Creating and living moment by moment.

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Spark an Artist

Spark an Artist

The Spark an Artist award was created in 2005 by Palouse Arts Council patron and Palouse H.S. graduate Dr. William Murray. Recognizing budding interests in creative expression within Palouse’s yout...

Artist bio & artwork
picture of Tina Ochs

Tina Ochs

Eureka Farm, Dusty Washington: Farm Girl/Horse Rider/Tree Climber/4H/Eighth Grade Cheerleader/Writer Pre-College, Colfax High School: Junior Prom Queen/Action Painter/Poet/Existentialist/Downhill...

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