2024 PopUp Gallery Artist Profile

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Kathleen Williams

My artistic inspiration comes from the beauty all around us. My training in art is not formal. Upon my retirement, I became free to explore watercolors, monoprints, calligraphy, bead embroidery and textile designs. These various techniques allow me to truly design mixed media pieces. Texture, color and patterns are important elements of my artwork.

The term, “monoprints”, refers to the fact that each print is unique and one-of-a-kind. The monoprints on display are created with a synthetic gelatin plate, using several layers of acrylic paint. Generally, I use 3 to 4 layers of paint to create each print. I add texture in the prints using brushes, handmade stencils and masks, chopsticks, pens, bubble wrap, cardboard and other found objects. The focal points on the layers are natural materials, such as fern fronds, leaves, flowers or feathers.

The collages are comprised of hand-painted and gelatin-printed papers. They
are created directly onto gesso-coated canvas board.

I am happy to make custom monoprints or collages.