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Shishona Turner

Idaho Topographic Map - Shishona Turner - Layered Laser Cut Wood

Idaho Topographic Map - Shishona Turner - Layered Laser Cut Wood

Model on Display is Not For Sale
It is the original version created by Shishona on her first laser.
26 layers of 1/8" laser cut wood - representing actual topography of Idaho.

These are custom made to your specifications for wood or color variations, fitting the model to where you would like to hang it.  Price is dependent on size and number of layers.  I now am making these on a larger laser and plan to make a 6 foot high - 40 layer version next.  That version will have seams in the wood also.  This 35" version will no longer have seams due to the upgraded equipment.  A true labor of love, these puzzles take several weeks to assemble.
FLICKR Gallery of past Idaho's

If you choose to order this item through the Art Walk, 25% of the proceeds go to support the Palouse Art's Council and Shishona will contact you to arrange creation for your custom piece.

Location on Main Street: 
Historic St. Elmos Hotel

Email: Shishona Turner
Email: Palouse Art Walk

Main Street Artwalk concludes June 30, 2023, after which you will be contacted for arranging pickup, delivery, or shipping.  Please review the shipping policy.
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