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Liz Rousseau 2023

Liz Rousseau was born in Colfax, raised in Clarkston. Traveled through Europe at age 17. Lived in Bellingham, Barcelona, Portland, Moscow, Lisbon, Portland, Palouse.

Color and composition nerd. Interested in art since childhood, taking it seriously at age 18. Inspired by many eras of landscaping design, furniture design, architecture, Czech cubism, Bauhaus, coffee makers, wallpaper, traditional Portuguese tiles.

Studied painting, printmaking, and ceramics. Earring making started around 2005 and it stuck. Designing laser cut earrings, prepping, and painting the fine details keeps her busy; they're her current canvases.

Married a very creative and inspiring artist from Palouse. Currently raising children, chickens, vegetables, dandelions... making bread, pickled cucumbers, pickled ginger, and kimchi. Always seeking new things to try, and ways to grow.