2024 Main Street ArtWalk Artist Profile

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Spark an Artist

The Spark an Artist award was created in 2005 by Palouse Arts Council patron and Palouse H.S. graduate Dr. William Murray. Recognizing budding interests in creative expression within Palouse’s youth community, Dr. Murray personally funded the award from 2005 to 2011. Today, funds are earmarked for the awards from Palouse Arts Council events and generous donations. Two monetary prizes are awarded annually to one winner in each of two age groups: 11-13 and 14-18 year olds. Nominees must live in the Palouse/Garfield area. Teachers, parents, and community members are encouraged to submit nominees by April 30,2024 for consideration by the Palouse Arts Council for this year’s awards. Include photos or sample of your nominee’s work.

Take a moment to consider nominating that kid you noticed stretching themselves out of their comfort zone with creative expression in:
• drawing • painting • sculpture • dance• theater • culinary arts • written word/poetry • music performance • A/V • (?) etc...

(Video submissions accepted.)