Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Have you ever tried to understand abstract art? Well it can be easy if you have a big imagination and an open mind. Just look at a picture and ask yourself what do you see. Maybe a bunch of swirling shapes or some colorful patterns. Maybe you see animals dancing in the grass or a person walking along a road.

There is never a right or wrong answer in abstract art. It is a kind of art that is open to the interpretation of the viewer. That is one of the best things about the art. It doesn’t jump out and tell you what it is, but it requires you to have an inquiring, open mind. You must enter the painting and see where you are takin by it. You have the freedom to explore the art and put your own definition on it. It becomes a personal process that can enrich your experience of the art.

It doesn’t come natural for everyone to understand abstract art. Some people see it and think a child could create the art. What many people fail to realize is that the artists typically have a lot of skills in drawing and a deep understanding of other parts of art such as colors. They can draw a realistic piece of art, but they choose, instead, to express themselves by creating a piece of art that is not encumbered by the normal parameters.

This kind of art has been known to make some people feel uneasy because they can’t determine what the piece is at first glance. Or they may think that it doesn’t have a meaning since it doesn’t look like anything specific. There is nothing to grasp because abstract art does not contain objects that are easily recognized. Because of this, the art may come off as confusing to some who like to know what things mean.

The truth of the matter is, though, that abstract art does not have a set meaning. It is merely about the process, composition, pattern, texture, line, color, and form. When a piece of art is an abstract, it explores all those qualities to create an experience for the viewer.

When you see an abstract painting, let yourself get lost in it. You may be amazed at all the many things you get from the experience.

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